*click on the underlined titles to hear/watch a representative recording of a piece*


Found Objects  – for five percussionists playing tabletop acoustic and electric guitars, hammered dulcimer (or a rapidly strummed instrument like balalaika or banjo), and live electronics.   30'

Don’t wake them up  – for flauto d’amore and live electronics.   12'
5/26/2019 - Commissioned by Ginevra Petrucci and premiered at Greenwich Space, NYC.

An ocean – for shakuhachi and fixed media.   10'
2/3/2019 - Commissioned by Devon Osamu Tipp and premiered at Oh My Ears 2019, Phoenix, AZ.


POWERSLIDE – for a solo performer, video, and live electronics.   7'

Impedance – for 11 saxophones.   11'
3/3/2018 - commissioned and premiered by the Megalopolis Saxophone Orchestra, First Church in Boston, Boston, MA.

Climacteric Torpidity – for bass clarinet, marimba, and fixed media.   13'
3/15/2018 - premiered by Transient Canvas at BEAMSfest, Brandeis University.


your fortress – for string quartet and live electronics.   16'

Subtraction – (ongoing project with frequent revisions, additions, and edits) a new performance practice for clarinet and electronics.   45' or 36'
4/26/2017 - premiered by Gleb Kanasevich, Boston Sculptors Gallery.

Gnawfor a sustaining instrument, two electric guitars, and live electronics.   17'
1/27/2017 - premiered by International Contemporary Ensemble, Brandeis University.


Songfor amplified prepared piano.   32'
4/26/2017 - premiered by Jared Redmond, Brandeis University.

Soilfor computer-generated feedback, live processing, and 8 speakers.  27'
11/4/2016 - premiered at Brandeis University.

Solo – for bass clarinet, trombone, viola, cello, and prepared piano with optional fixed media.   7'
7/1/2016 - premiered by Ensemble Intercontemporain at ManiFeste 2016, Le Centquatre, Paris.

Frailfor flute/piccolo, electric violin, and percussion with optional electronics.   18'
Commissioned and premiered by Raoul Cho (flute), with support from the Royal School of Music, Toronto, Canada. 5/6/2016 – premiere by Raoul Cho, Andrea Tyniec, and Dave Burns at the Royal School of Music, Toronto, Canada. 


time enough at last - for clarinet and cello with optional amplification.  45'
Commissioned by Audeamus International Music Festival. 11/25/2015 – premiered by Gleb Kanasevich and Dorotea Racz at the opening concert of the inaugural Audeamus International Music Festival, Zagreb, Croatia.

[BROWN] - for solo soprano recorder.  14'
5/4/2015 – premiered by Gleb Kanasevich, Brandeis University.

verpflichtet II - for 14 players16'
6/3/2016 – premiered by Spoleto Festival Orchestra, Spoleto Festival USA, Charleston, SC.

Suono infinito - for cello and prepared piano doubling melodica.  24'
3/8/2015 – premiered by David Russell and Geoffrey Burleson, Brandeis University.

...she was but an apparition... - for string quartet.  20'
7/29/2015 – premiered by Miranda Cuckson, Yuri Namkung, Lois Martin and Joshua Gordon at Wellesley Composers Conference, Wellesley College, MA.


installazioni/moduli/versi - for cello and piano.   14'
12/27/2013 – premiered by Racz/Samogray Duo at Lisinski Concert Hall, Zagreb, Croatia on December 27, 2013.

[PINK] - for amplified clarinet, viola, percussion and synthesized sound.   20'
Commissioned and recorded by Lunar Ensemble in October, 2013. Public live performances of this work are allowed only in extremely large and reverberant spaces (at least 8-second decay).  The original CD recording is the only other permissible means of presentation.

Moment d'extase/concatènation – for oversized symphony orchestra.  6'
11/17/2013 - premiered by Zephyrus Orchestra Project, Yale University.

Fields - for solo piano (2010, recomposed in 2013).   23'
3/29/2015 – premiered by Illya Filshtinskiy, Spectrum, NYC.

Plastiques - for cello and double bass.   13'
Commissioned by Fundacion Musica AntiquaNova, Argentina. 7/12/2015 - premiered by Felix Fan, cello and Matt Kline, double bass at soundSCAPE Festival, Maccagno, Italy.

Romanze per me - for solo classical or electric guitar.   12'
4/17/2013 - premiered by Alexander Milovanov, Yale School of Music.


DUDK*=*FLOT - for solo flute.   14'
9/26/2013 – premiered by Lisa Cella, University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

skrip/\viol - for solo violin.   40'

naturel/primitif - for basset horn in F and guitar.   11'
5/2/2012 - premiered by Gleb Kanasevich on basset horn and Alexander Milovanov on guitar, Yale School of Music. 


Cyclefor clarinet, guitar, percussion, and tape.   24'
10/27/2011 – second half premiered by Gleb Kanasevich on clarinet, Alexander Milovanov on guitar and Victor Caccese on percussion, Yale School of Music. 5/4/2011 – first half premiered by Gleb Kanasevich and performance fellows at Peabody Conservatory.